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Frequently Asked Questions About Clean N Bright​

Self Service Laundromat:

7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Please be here by 9 p.m. in order to do a last load.

We are a card and app laundry.  You can use money or your credit/debit card in order to fund the app.  It's easy to use and our attendant will help you the first time.

Yes, we have several machines that are large enough for multiple loads or comforters.

We have detergent vended by a machine in our store.

Yes, we are attended from the time we open until the laundry closes.

Wash & Fold:

Your order will be completed by the next day.  If you need same day service, there is a small additional charge.

We use a high-grade commercial detergent.  If you want Tide and Downy, there is a small charge.  If you want another detergent, just bring it in with your clothing.

There is a $15 minimum charge.

Pickup & Delivery:

We will return your wash and fold, commercial laundry or dry cleaning the very next day.

There is a $35 minimum on clothing that is picked up.  You can add your dry cleaning and your laundered clothes together to achieve this minimum.

Just let us know when scheduling your pickup online where you'd like to leave your laundry.  Perhaps you want us to pick it up from your front porch, behind your gate or get it from the apartment manager.  

Yes, we have a contact free pickup/delivery.  We will text you just before we arrive to tell you we are coming.  You then put your laundry out on your front porch and we'll knock when we're taking your clothes.  When we return them, we'll text you, place them on your porch and knock on the door so you know to bring your clothes in.